The quality goes in before our name goes on!


We supply fire protection industries with fire valves and accessories throughout North America.


We are now in over 34 years of manufacturing Fire Protection Valves of uncompromising quality for our discerning customers.

All our products are FM or ULC approved and most carry both ULC and FM listings/approvals. All valves are pressure tested for approval at 4 times the working pressure depending on valve size, and all valves must pass a cycle test of 1000 open/shut operations without the failure of any part. We take great care to make our products both attractive and functional. Fivalco Industrial is not content with making valves purely to meet mandatory specifications, we have added quality and other features to stand out above the crowd.

All gate valves have Stainless Steel Stems for better corrosion resistance - our competitors use common brass.

All materials for our products are equal to or superior to our competitors.

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